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text2pcap – How to convert ASCII packet dumps to .pcap files?

Nothing in my experince is better at telling the real story than a packet capture. They tell exactly what is really going on and whether the configuration or changes are working  as expected or not. Sometimes an engineer needs to look at packet captures taken from devices that don’t generate .pcap files directly. Although with some experince and familarity, one can visually inspect some packets for certain pieces of informaiton but after all this is what computers are made for. You are probably familiar with text2pcap but in case you aren’t, It is a command line tool that comes pre-installed …

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DHCP client testing tool

DHCP is vastly growing in service provider networks for broadband subscribers, I had the chance to work lately with a some of these setups. The protocol is really easy to configure for broadband and provide many benefits.  It has lower overhead compared to PPPOE and it is much more suitable for Multicast services. For those of you who are working with subscriber management, I know sometimes you need to do quick tests to verify new configurations or may be to do some stress or scalability tests. Traffic generators are  more suitable for stress and scalability tests but sometimes I really …

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