Making sense of Broadband networks – Part 1

May 24th, 2013 Wael Osama Posted in Network Design, PPP 2 Comments »

Broadband is a hot topic in the telecommunications industry nowadays; it is becoming the bread and butter for so many service providers and mobile carriers with the big growth and penetration rates in these technologies in the recent years.  ( Check this report about the EOCD countries). Although it is that important, broadband topics probably […]

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How-to:Configure PPP authentication Part2 (CHAP)

July 15th, 2008 Wael Osama Posted in CISCO HOW-TO, PPP No Comments »

The second and the most secure authentication method in PPP is CHAP. CHAP stands for challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol. How CHAP works? If CHAP is negotiated successfully during the LCP phase, the authenticator sends a challenge message to the peer. The peer responds to the challenge with a value calculated through an MD5 function. The […]

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How-to: Configure PPP authentication Part1 (PAP)

July 15th, 2008 Wael Osama Posted in CISCO HOW-TO, PPP 1 Comment »

PPP has two different authentication methods, in today’s post we are going to explore the first method which is PAP. PAP stands for Password Authentication Protocol which is a simple authentication method. PAP is considered an insecure method because the password is sent in clear text format over the PPP link and has no protection […]

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PPP in brief

July 14th, 2008 Wael Osama Posted in CISCO HOW-TO, PPP 3 Comments »

The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) provides a standard method for transporting multi-protocol packets over point-to-point links between two peers. In order to establish a communication link between two peers, each end of the PPP link must first send LCP packets to configure and test the data link. After the link has been established, the peer may […]

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