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The Ongoing Internet Core Routing Race

Juniper Networks is taking the lead of the internet routing again by introducing their new platform T4000. The router can handle 240Gbps per slot and is based on 250Gbps ASICs per slot presenting the world’s fastest router.

This router provides double capacity per slot in comparison the Cisco’s CRS3 platform. The new speeds and capacities will offer the world a new innovations that were never possible before.

I wonder, where is this leading us toward? and What innovations will be presented during the next decade?

I can see a world where almost every person is connected to the internet on the go,  data streams moving between different Continents all the time, smart cars and homes, more automation and remote control, great scientific researches and breakthroughs, information and resources more available to all of us,  different education models, better communications, self revealing and more Freedom.

I also believe that everything comes at a cost, I don’t know what the cost will be, it may be more virtual life and less real life, more dependency on technology, may be industries and careers will disappear causing unemployment and others will come with opportunities. Whatever it is, more dimensions will be discovered and for sure some costs will be paid.

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