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The Importance of Networking

Networking is constantly being promoted throughout a huge range of industries, and is generally being seen as more valuable than ever before. However, all too often, it can be swept under the carpet. Those of us who work with technical industries can be particularly prone to not making the most of our networking opportunities. However, here’s a quick remind of why it can be so important.

You may encounter a huge number of people within your current profession that it can be worth keeping in touch with. With most work places offering reliable INTERNET access provided by companies at sites like o2.co.uk, online social networks can make networking easier than ever Sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn can provide the perfect way to contact those who you may not have been able to provide with a business card, or other means of contacting you.

Even if the job which you have at the time when you meet them might not seem as if it will require you to have an extensive number of external contacts, it is well worth thinking about the future – no matter how long you plan to stay in your current employment. Building strong business relationships need not be immediately profitable, but it is a good idea to think about the long-term benefits of such contacts.

If you currently work as an employee, then remember that networking with those who work in a different role within a similar field to your own is a good way to create future opportunities for yourself. You might even consider the possibilities of joint ventures and forming future benefits. Sharing you knowledge with others shouldn’t be seen as helping the competition, but can often be an extremely effective way of enhancing your own career.


  1. Networking is one of the most important (and most overlooked) of career development skills for technical people. I’ve found Twitter to be a great resource. Just a few tweets and mentions every day have gotten me clients, and lots of new professional contacts.

  2. From the first glance at the title I thought this post is going to be a “kind of” technical. Thanks for the good advice that many of us might not realise how it can be a major factor in leveling up opportunities.
    I would like to add; building a strong relationship database is so important for career development and growth. Personally I belive in “keep the door open” approach with previous employers or work colleagues no matter how good or bad was the experience of working with them.