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What can you learn in 5 minutes a day !

I  believe in minimalism and what small focused actions can make for a person and small steps is what Juniper learning bytes is all about. Learning bytes is an online learning resource launched last year by Juniper education services organization as a free service.

The nice thing about the learning bytes is that they are focused, short and concise videos that give you a a quick idea about a certain technology, feature or configuration in about 10 minutes  or less and they are created by Juniper’s educational services team right to you.

Here is a good byte, not just because my friend Ayman Aborabh made it but because it’s a good short description of  6PE and how it works. Check it out and explore some of the bytes they offer @ Juniper learning bytes site.


  1. Hi Wael,
    Thanks for the short focused learning video.
    In the time frame between the minutes 8 and 9 in that video there is a piece of information said that made me lil bit confused:
    “P3 will remove the outer label for the PHP purpose” which is so right but then he added “that’s why we need the inner label to prevent P3 from doing IPv6 routing lookup”
    I believe that when a core router does PHP it will not do an extra routing lookup if it is the last label in the stack or so the PHP is useless and loses its value.
    Could you please confirm or clarify this information?

  2. This is a interesting to bring up.