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SDN is an Iteration that will Lead Innovations

I have stumbled upon a recent post from Greg Ferro on Ethrealmind, the post is titled SDN is not an innovation, it’s an iteration. I actually wanted to share this post because it kind of puts things into prespective.

The word innovate refers to creating something that is new and disruptive. Innovations needs to come with a whole new paradigm for doing the things we are doing. At one time it was easier to apply the term to the work of Newton, Einstein or  Nicola Tesla. These days, it’s  much harder to apply the term to things, that are just improvements.

In this regard and as Greg details it in his post,  SDN didn’t exactly come with new ways of doing things that didn’t exist before. All the concepts that SDN came up with are already out there and it just rearranged and facilitated things in a way that would allow us to meet the demands on today’s networks.

But here is the thing that comes to my mind when reflecting on this, I actually think that iteration in itself is a good pathway to innovation, in most of the cases innovation doesn’t just happen in vaccum.  Innovations can happen in iterative way. Platforms, tools, data and new ways of thinking need to exist first for breakthroughs to happen.

Although SDN might be just an iteration improving what we do today, I see it as a step forward toward innovative solutions.   The first reason for that is that SDN is shaking the way we used to do and look at network designs and operations. In the broader term, it also facilitates new solutions, tools and techniques of doing things. The system is usually more than the sum of it’s parts and that leads me to think that SDN will be a nice vichele for future innovations when it comes to how networking happens today.

Thinking of google as an example, it started as an iteration for pre-existing search engine, nothing too innovative. But putting the platform with all the data that they started to draw out of it resulted into multiple disruptive innovations google has and will come up with.

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SDN is NOT an Innovation, its Iteration