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I'm an enthusiastic network engineer, cello player, abstract photographer and blogger who always seek challenges. I love to talk about nuclear physics, telepathy, reincarnation .. and Tom and Jerry or Simpson's in one conversation. Currently, I'm lost in details and I waste my time diving between bits and bytes.

TCP Protocol: Slow Start

In the last post we explained the basic idea of using sequence and acknowledgement numbers to track how many bytes were sent and received. We also has encountered the term “slow start” and elaborated how TCP uses this concept on the server to send few segments of data to the …

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TCP Protocol: Flow Control

In the last two posts here and here, we have discussed how TCP stack initiates a TCP 3-way handshake and create the appropriate Transmission Control Block for the data to flow reliably. We knew that the main function of the 3-way handshaking is to exchange the sequence numbers, MSS, receive …

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TCP Protocol: TCP 3-way handshaking #2

In the last post, we have explained the TCP 3-way handshaking from an abstract point of view, and knew that one of the main functions of this handshaking is to exchange and synchronize some parameters for the TCP connection endpoints to facilitate its job. We also knew that two of …

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TCP Protocol: Three-way Handshake

We all know by now that the basic function of the TCP protocol is to send a stream of bytes that has no shape or fixed size over a network reliably to a receiver. We all also know that reliable delivery involves building a connection between two end-hosts, and this will …

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TCP Protocol: The Overview – Part1

One of the most important layers we – as network engineers – hate and avoid in the OSI reference model is the transport layer with its popular and dominant protocol; TCP. Most of network engineers abandoned diving into TCP protocol because they consider it a host-to-host communication protocol that usually works …

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