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Carrier Supporting Carrier – The whole story (1)

After I’ve completely illustrated the Inter-AS MPLS VPN solution with all its options, I’ve decided to cover the Carrier Supporting Carrier with all its options as well. It was described as Carriers’ Carriers in draft-ietf-2547bis section 9 and followed in the final RFC 4364, and was named Carrier Supporting Carrier …

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Cisco and Nonstop Forwarding

Nonstop Forwarding is a feature of many features in the Cisco High Availability portfolio, we shall be covering most of it later. To check Cisco High Availability portfolio: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6550/products_ios_technology_home.html Use Cisco Feature Navigator to find information about platform support and software image support: http://tools.cisco.com/ITDIT/CFN/jsp/index.jsp Cisco Nonstop Forwarding (NSF – AKA …

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