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Bury the hatchet

CEF and load sharing

Load-sharing is one of the clumsy areas that is full of confusing parts. In this post we should be covering its ABCs, and latter on we should be covering more parts in details. We chose the name “CEF and load sharing” as the post name due to the main role that CEF plays when talking about load sharing. In IP routing context the forwarding/switching mechanism that the router uses is the actual controller of the load sharing process (data/forwarding plane operation), having multiple routes in the routing table has no significance on how exactly will load sharing be done, you …

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IS-IS and fast convergence ongoing tricks

Been a while since my last post, I was extremely busy doing a lot of things, anyway I am glade to be back. This post I am going to cover a nice tool for enhancing IS-IS convergence, I am really amazed by the ideas that the guys out there pop up. Inventing such wonderful tools requires intellectual open minds (it’s not relatively a new feature), enough talking and lets get to the point.

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LDP neighbor discovery, session establishment and maintenance

Team working is all about producing results with a group of people you love working with … Being part of the same team, working together all day long we decided to extend this level of team working from being members of the same team and writing in the same blog to even write this post together. In this post we are transferring our daily team work interaction from our office to the blog. The case was simply manipulating the LDP timers at a node suffering from connectivity issues. To be able to master this arena you need to perfectly understand …

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BGP performance tuning – Convergence, Stability, Scalability and NSF (Part 3)

Lets continue our BGP performance tuning discussion. Sorry for the long delay but I was deeply busy in some other stuff. During the last couple of days I’ve attended Cisco Expo 2009, and during the SP – IP Core Technical Breakout, the breakout speaker highlighted Cisco’s high availability features, while focusing on BGP he introduced to my knowledge a new BGP feature that I found attractive, BGP PIC (Prefix-Independent Convergence) Core/Edge – Currently only available with Cisco IOS-XR for Cisco CRS-1, Cisco XR 12000 and the new Cisco ASR 9000 routers series, I should be covering this feature later.

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Draft Martini, Draft Kompella and L2VPN services

Draft Martini and Draft Kompella were the starting points toward standardizing the Layer2 VPN architectures using pseudowire emulation, both drafts addressed setting up pseudowire emulation over MPLS-based networks in order to offer Layer 2 VPN services, but each draft proposed a different approach. Members of the networking community divided themselves into two camps based on the different design philosophies that were embedded in the two drafts. This resulted in many drafts and debates until things converged time by time. I’ll try to simply describe both drafts, and how things eventually went out.

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Carrier Supporting Carrier – The whole story (2)

In this post we are going to discuss both CSC options that we have highlighted in the previous post in details. The two available options are either an ISP customer carrier, or a BGP/MPLS VPN customer carrier. We are going to conquer the control plane and data plane separately, in order to well understand the complete architecture operation. We are also going to separate the control plane into three phases; the backbone carrier network, the CSC peering and the customer carrier network. From the control plane prospective, the backbone carrier and the CSC peering parts are identical in both options, …

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