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How-to: Configure trunking

A trunk port is a layer 2 port that may carry traffic from multiple VLANs. Trunk ports are mostly used to connect two switches, switch and a router for inter-vlan routing or a server. Cisco switches support two types of trunking encapsulation protocols as listed below 1- ISL : frames …

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How to Configure Frame-relay interfaces

Frame relay interfaces can be configured as Physical, Multipoint and point-to-point interfaces. Frame relay routing protocols and mostly all network configuration is heavily affected by interface type selected. In the following digram R1 is connected to R2 using frame-relay and we are going to explore different configuration options. Task1: Configure …

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How-to:Configure BGP aggregation Part1

In this series we will explore how route aggregation is accomplished in BGP, We am going to split this topic into multiple posts in order to keep things simple and manageable. Our Network is shown in the digram below. R1 is directly connected to R2 and BGP is basically configured …

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