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I’m not the only one intrested in Huawie strategies

Yesterday I had a post named “What do you think of Huawei?“; I am interested in their business strategies trying to gain a better understanding of the Telecom market dynamics, but it seems that I am not the only one interested in them. Please read the following two part research …

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What do you think of Huawei ?

Huawei is investing US $2 billion in India over five years, this was the headline that triggered me to write this post. 4-5 years ago Huawie’s name was not repeated much in the field of IP networking in comparison to other big names. Lately Huawei’s name is being used everywhere …

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Juniper CEO speaking

I stumbled on an interview with Juniper CEO, Kevin Johnson for Fortune Tech. The interview covers many points about the networking market, they discussed Juniper’s competitive advantages, the GDP recession and its effect on the economics of the networking industry, Juniper’s market share, Juniper’s strategy and vision for the next …

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The Ongoing Internet Core Routing Race

Juniper Networks is taking the lead of the internet routing again by introducing their new platform T4000. The router can handle 240Gbps per slot and is based on 250Gbps ASICs per slot presenting the world’s fastest router. This router provides double capacity per slot in comparison the Cisco’s CRS3 platform. …

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