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Measuring your SUCCESS

Try to ask five different persons about what success means to each of them and you will get at least five different answers. Try yourself Now: What is your definition of SUCCESS and do you consider yourself successful?. For me, success is a feeling about one’s status compared to some …

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It is time to make a CHANGE

One thing in life is not changing and that is that it is changing. We are networking guys; we know this better than anyone else, everyday we see a new technology coming or an old one diminishing. Somethings go and others come back. Bear with me a little; take a …

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Cisco Profit up 79% Stock down 8%

Last Wednesday Cisco announced its fourth fiscal quarter financial reports. Cisco reported a 79% jump in profit however its stock price fell down by 8% in after hours trading as sales were slightly below analysts’ expectations. The question is Why this strong negative reaction? Lets take a closer look; the …

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Simple Ideas Create Great Realities

“Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all human knowledge.” Jimmy Wales. All the great achievements in human history began as a simple idea in someone’s head. The above statment is no different. The above statement was nothing but …

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Where have we been?

It has been about five moths now since I wrote my last post here. I am really sorry about that but we were too busy doing a lot of things which may provide a rich content for our posts on the next few months. Actually we were consumed preparing for …

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