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TCP Protocol: Three-way Handshake

We all know by now that the basic function of the TCP protocol is to send a stream of bytes that has no shape or fixed size over a network reliably to a receiver. We all also know that reliable delivery involves building a connection between two end-hosts, and this will be the first step that the TCP stack do to exchange data. Above figure, has a host on a side and a server on the other. Host needs to get/download a file from the server via FTP protocol which is dependent on TCP. The Host will start off by allocating …

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TCP Protocol: The Overview – Part1

One of the most important layers we – as network engineers – hate and avoid in the OSI reference model is the transport layer with its popular and dominant protocol; TCP. Most of network engineers abandoned diving into TCP protocol because they consider it a host-to-host communication protocol that usually works without a problem. End systems either Windows or Linux gets installed with their own version of TCP stack with some pre-configured values that usually don’t break, so why would we bother ourselves learning about one of the most important protocol in the TCP/IP stack! The irony here is that, System Engineers, Application …

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