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What is WISB?
How can I benefit from this program?
What are the available features?
How to download and install the program?
How to use it?
What about log files?
Know Issues
Features to be implemented
How to Contribute?
How to report bugs?

What is WISB?

This is a small program that can be used to automate the configuration of network devices. This can be useful for configuring multiple devices without the need for interactive logging to the device.

Currently only Cisco Routers and Switches are supported over telnet. More to come soon.

The program is currently under testing and enhancements, please report any bugs to [email protected]

Note: The name WISB has nothing to do with the program functionality 🙂

How can I benefit from this program?

You can use it to apply configuration or get information to/from multiple network devices without the need of  manually logging into these devices. Below are some examples of possible uses:

  • Loading initial configuration/backup configuration files for your study Labs.
  • Apply configuration to a list of network devices at once. “i.e. change username/password, SNMP, logging configuration…etc.”. This is very useful in SP or Data centers environments.
  • Query a list of devices for specific information “i.e. any show command”.
  • Schedule any of the above functions or other regular tasks to run automatically without you manual intervention.
  • The program can be used in other scripts or batch files to customize functionality.

What are the available features?

  • Telnet on normal or custom ports.
  • Compatible with real CISCO routers, switches and dynamips. “More support to come”.
  • Same configuration files or different ones can be applied to the list of devices.
  • Provide Authentication/Login information interactively or via command line arguments for automation purposes.
  • Telnet sessions to devices are logged to a log file.

How to download and install the program?

You can download a normal setup file here and follow the setup wizard. The current beta version is tested on windows XP only. Other operating system packages will be provided very soon after testing.

How to use it?

Prepare the devlist file:

  • The devlist.txt file can be found in the path WISB/files/devlist.txt
  • Entries are line by line without any spaces. Each line represents a device.
  • The format of the file is DEVICE_IP,Telnet_Port,Config_file_Name.
  • Use only commas and don’t leave white spaces or empty lines in the file.

Prepare the configuration files:

  • Devices list can use the same configuration file or each device can have its own configuration file.
  • Configuration files can be saved any where as long as you provide the right path in the devlist file.
  • Add all commands to be applied to the related gear.

Runing the application:

The program can be run by double clicking on the wisb.exe or using command line

  • Mouse Clicking:
  1. WISB will interactively ask for your username and password to access the devices.
  2. If authentication is not required for access just hit enter and the program will ignore them.
  3. The password is protected and will not be echoed back to the screen.

  • Command line:
  1. This method is useful for scripted or scheduled runs of the program.
  2. Caution:This method may reveal your login information to others. Make sure that no one can read your password when using this method.
  3. If no username and password were provided the program will interactively ask for them.
  4. -u is used to provide username and -p is used to provide passwords.

What about log files?

  • Log file is created per program run.
  • The log file names follow the format log_month_day_hour-minute.txt
  • Log files are found in the path WISB/files/logs.
  • Log file example is shown below:

Know Issues:

  • Make sure that WISB has the required privilege to access all required files and folders.
  • Make sure to allow WISB to establish telnet connections if you are running a firewall.
  • Currently the program assumes that you will use the same login information to access all devices.
  • Program may be slower for long files because it is trying to pace with the speed of the telnet connection.

Features to be implemented:

I have the following ideas in mind, please let me know your ideas

  • Improve error and exception handling. This was not very well handled in the current version.
  • Validate inputs from the devlist file.
  • Provide OTP support (stelnet).
  • Provide SSH support.
  • Provide TFTP support.

Please keep me informed by your requirements and suggestions for any enhancements.

How can I contribute?

  • I am currently working on creating open source project on code.google.com. I will keep you informed when it is ready.
  • Developers adding features, improving code,fixing bugs or testing the application are very welcomed.

How to report bugs and problems?

Please Direct the full description of your problem to [email protected]
I hope I have been able to explain things clearly, please forgive me for any mistakes, provide us with all your ideas about this script and help us to improve it by interacting us.

Wael Osama

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